Janitorial Services

You should consider ABBS Cleaning Service for your Charlotte janitorial services, regardless if you’re trying to replace your current janitorial service or you need a janitorial service for the first time. We have 12 years of experience providing high quality janitorial services, at affordable prices.All of our employees are dependable, experienced, well-trained, and uniformed. Obviously, before they are hired, all of our employees undergo an extensive background check. Contracting with ABBS Cleaning service for your services for all of your janitorial needs will relieve you of the increased expense as well as the personnel headaches with employing your own janitorial staff. We offer the manpower, flexibility and years of experience required to accommodate the changing requirements of both large and small commercial enterprises. It is critical to us to keep your commercial facility clean and with the absolute best appearance possible. We have many commercial customers who trust us to handle all of their janitorial requirements.


We will return within 24 hours and correct any problem if you have any problem with any aspect of our service, and called us that day.


We offer one time, weekly, bimonthly, or monthly office cleaning services. We know which cleaning product for each kind of surface that will produce the best results. In addition, you won’t have to micromanage your cleaning requirements because our janitorial management staff will take care of your office building. We will make your job easy because we provide outstanding janitorial cleaning services and are dependable.


  • Offices
  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • Fitness
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Religious Building
  • Banking Clean Service


 We know that every happy and harmonious workspace all have one thing in common -- they are all clean and fresh on a daily basis. We also recognize that both the hygiene and aesthetic
value of a workspace are absolutely integral to the health of your employees and their ability to work. With respect for these things in mind, please consider reaching out to us to see how we can conform our cleaning process to the needs of your commercial space. We are more than happy to foster a healthy environment for you and your workforce, plus the clients you host!


Kitchen / Kitchenette:

  • Exterior of cabinets and shelves wiped.
  • Exterior and interior of microwave wiped.
  • Exterior of all appliances cleaned.
  • Counter tops and sinks disinfected and washed.


  • Sinks, counter tops, showers and toilets/urinals wiped and disinfected.
  • Fixtures and accessories cleaned and polished.
  • Mirrors wiped streak free.
  • Cabinets, doors and shelves washed free of dirt and hand prints.
  • Toilet roll, paper napkin and soap dispensers restocked.

All Rooms:

  • Trash and recycling emptied and garbage cans relined.
  • Cobwebs removed.
  • Baseboards dusted.
  • Floors vacuumed and mopped.
  • Entryway windows cleaned.
  • Vents dusted.
  • Furniture, lamps, pictures and curios dusted.
  • Doors, walls and handrails disinfected.