My name is Rosania Wood, Owner of ABBS, LLC.

I am originally from Fortaleza, Brazil where I spent 10 years with a company called DeLaval. During my time with that company, I was required to go into the field to consult dairy farmers about their equipment needs to ensure that our customers produced the highest quality milk to be sold to companies such as Danone, Nestle and Itambé.

In this role, I learned to never be afraid to get my hands dirty on the job. This mindset has traveled with me as founder and owner of my own business. Day by day, I am side by side with my employees, either working or stopping in to make sure that our output is of the highest quality.

When I started my business, I cleaned 5 houses a week. After providing high quality services, and through word of mouth, we now average about 30 per week and are adding new, extremely satisfied customers almost every week.

ABBS believes in being flexible, dependable and quality driven. We clean your home and/or business with the same care and attention to detail as we would our own. ABBS understands that hiring a cleaning service is not the same as hiring a plumber or electrician. The level of confidence and trust that is placed in us is far greater. We have no higher goal than to be worthy of that.

Please, invite us into your home so that we may have the opportunity to provide you with what we and our loyal clients know is the best cleaning service in the market. We are confident that once you have worked with us, you’ll want to tell all of your friends and family about what we do.